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Romani Businesses

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Romanistan has compiled an incomplete list of Romani owned & run businesses! Shop in person or online, order gift certificates, make inquiries, share with friends & family! We have not personally patronized every business, nor do we know everyone on this list. We're just doing our best to get this out there.

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Please note that we are featuring people who identify as Romani. We cannot verify anyone's identity.


Luludi— bath & body  

KVF (Katelan V Foisy)— prints, design, and fortune telling

Dead Scared Entertainment— spooky prints, shirts, custom designs/ illustrations, etc

Cieslinski Goods & Kushti Bok Aromatic— pottery, incense, prints, shirts, etc 

Cherrykas Trunk— custom perfumes

Lucy Doe Designs— jewelry, ornaments, handmade Gypsy Legacy Cosmetics-- makeup

Guilded Moon Arcanum— herbs, oils, spell kits, teas, etc

Yellow Yulia— prints  

Draba Design— prints 

Heron Hill Designs— Roma & Indigenous beading etc 

Romani Roots— oils & treatments (small batch)

The Roaming Romani— figurines & jewelry 

Queen City Kingdom— remedies 

Herbarium Mystique— teas, etc 

Kesali Creations— jewelry & more 

Vault of Baxt— handmade statues, jewelry, candles, etc

Evil Eye Edit— antiques, handmade, & vintage 

Jezmina Von Thiele— fortune telling, workshops, writing, & performance 

Bimbo Yaga/ Ylva Mara Radziszewski— author, The Living Altar co-creator, fortune telling, workshops

Kiki Robinson/ Opulent Witch– The Living Altar co-creator, fortune telling, art, workshops

Lounge Writers run by Oksana Marafioti, author of American Gypsy: a Memoir

Art for Antivillians— prints, stickers, more… very fun 

Friend Lane-- art, apparel, stickers, stationery, accessories

 Kushan Creations-- bath & body, wax melts

Tripe Hound Redux— scarves & fortune telling

Kashtana Tarot— fortune telling 

DeVine Spirit Parlour— creative and mystic arts

Sasha Ravitch— astrology, writing, classes

Alice Johnson— fortune telling 

Sastimos Holistic Health— Ayurvedic health consultanions, custom formulas, small batch apothecary

Romani Holistic Healing— gifts, fortune telling, & wellness 

Holy Chile Mole— food truck 

Lost in Clovers— music 

Vudu Sister— art & music 

Gypino Ink— tattoo 

Witch to Take— fortune telling & coaching 

Nini Purc— photography 

Jasmine Love— bodywork, midwife, etc 

Libra Jones— candles 

Sarah Jade— makeup artist and skincare specialist 

Baby Reckless— astrology, tarot, and art 

Amelia Hearts: tattoo 

AB Pots: pottery 

Fraction Lab— 3D printing 

Rowena Marin— author 

Gary Steele: author of The Gypsy Family Circus series 

Cecilia Woloch— poet 

Hillary Monahan— YA author, & runs the Peculiarity Shop specializing in jewelry

Chagall PAC— shop & performance space 

Bad Moon— plus size vintage clothes

Daniel Rueff-- music

Ren Mullas-Isaacson-- art by commission

April Wall of Namaste Magical-- author and fortune teller

Sharon Svec-- art, apparel, fortune boxes, stories

Luiee Bloo-- musician

Vadim Kolpakov-- musician

Nicolas Adams-- musician & owner of Peninsula Guitars

Gypsy Phoenix-- musician

Music Brains-- music therapy, workshops, & lessons


Poland: Happy Borders-- art, posters, & prints

Italy: Sapkalipen— jewelry & more, and Morena Pedriali Errani is also an author

UK: Kintala Flowers— floral arts 

UK: Elijah Vardo— prints & pins

UK: Dean Rheims-- art, prints, stickers, stationary

UK: A Little Black Fox-- aquatic creatures made of yarn

Romania: Loly by Zita Moldovan— clothes 

Hungary: Romani Design— clothes

Canada: Of The Moon Jewellry— silversmith 

France: Classy X Design— clothes 

UK: Czibi Art— prints 

Spain: Mil duquelas— clothes 

UK: Bright Moon Weaving— woven goods  

Canada: Romangelica Boutique— jewelry 

Italy: Noell Maggini— clothes 

UK: Reclaimed Republic— ornaments 

Sweden: Avenmansa— clothes

Canada: Frances Robert’s Reilly— author of Parramisha

UK: Raine Geoghegan— author of multiple books

NZ: Romany Art— prints

Brazil: A Cigana Galega— astrology, fortune telling, & more 

Canada: Ildiko Nova— prints & t-shirts 

Canada: Svatura— tattoo

Canada: She Wolf Tattoo: tattoo & paintings 

UK: Mina Rose— musician & designer 

UK: Jo Clement— author 

Brazil: Romaní: musician & actor

UK: Talia Hibbert— author

Canada: Shivengri: tattoos & prints

UK: Twinkling Toad— art and prints

UK: Lisa Boswell-- author & fortune teller

UK: John Henry Phillips-- author

Italy: Ivana Nikolic-- artist, dancer, podcaster

Romania: Giuvlipen-- Romani feminist theatre troupe

Brazil: Tradicoes Ciganas-- fortune telling

Australia: Lolo Lovina-- music band and merch

UK: Kosh and Yog-- jewelry, apparel, homewares, bags


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