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Merch Store & Raffle!

Hello citizens of Romanistan! (And visitors!),

To celebrate our new merch store, and to raise funds to create weekly debriefing episodes of Foretold, the podcast by the LA times that features our cohost, Paulina Stevens Verminski, we are having a raffle! You can enter by donating $5 to our Ko-fi, following us on Instagram, and liking and tagging a friend in our raffle post, ideally someone who you think might be interested in the podcast. You can enter it as many times as you like! It's just a $5 donation per entry. The winner of this week's raffle can pick any item they like from the store and we will send it to you free of charge.

And, of course, you are welcome to buy anything you like from our website store (use the menu on our website to get there). We have some really great shirts, hats, & totes with our logo on it, which was created by Elijah Vardo, and the merchandise itself was designed our Romanistan musician and behind the scenes guy, Viktor Pachas. Lots of gratitude also goes to Jake of Cieslinski Goods & Raquel of

who helped us get all the tech ready to make the store a reality. Please check all these wonderful people out. They create their own beautiful things.

We really appreciate your support. This podcast could not exist without your contributions.

Expect more raffles in the future! We have a lot of episodes to make, and a lot of fun things to give away! If you are a Romani creator and want to donate something for us to raffle off, email us at

Enter the raffle with a $5 donation here, as many times as you like:


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